ARS Railcars

When railcars are out of service, you lose time and money. ARS works to safely optimize the mechanical condition and velocity of your rolling stock assets. With service and repairs, we keep your railcars compliant, in service and out of the shop.

Our AAR M-1003 quality assurance certification creates transparency and a system of checks and balances. It provides our clients with the confidence that ARS strictly conforms to AAR-industry standards, specifications, rules, practices, and federal regulatory requirements.
We closely audit and document all contract activities including design, procurement, manufacturing, and testing to help us maintain traceability to vendors for parts and materials, as well as to the technicians on the floor who performed the work

Maintenance strategies

No Maintenance / Run-to-Failure

This approach only makes sense when equipment is either highly reliable or it is not critical to operations and its replacement cost is low relative to the cost of maintenance or repair.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive or corrective maintenance that is triggered by a fault or functional failure is only warranted when equipment failure is rare and random, the time and effort to repair are minimal, or the equipment has minimal impact on overall service delivery.

Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance occurs at set intervals to reduce the likelihood of an in-service failure, based on time, mileage or the original equipment manufacturers specifications. Taking into account past failures and industry practices, it provides for the regular replacement, overhaul or remanufacture of components to reestablish their performance and reliability.

Predictive Maintenance

Applying condition and performance data for prognostics and scheduling, predictive maintenance can result in better timing of preventive maintenance while maintaining reliability. Any additional costs from inspection, testing and ongoing data analysis are more than offset by reductions in unnecessary maintenance and in-service failures resulting in downtime and added costs.

Proactive Maintenance

Built around continuous process improvement, proactive maintenance focuses on quality assurance and quality control measures, modifying maintenance and operating procedures to mitigate conditions that lead to wear and failure. A more intensive preventive maintenance approach, it usually focuses on critical assets that consume maintenance resources disproportionately.

Our services include:

  • Welding
  • Wheel Replacement
  • Air Brake Testing
  • Draft System Inspections and Rebuilds
  • Interior Lining Repairs
  • Car Cleaning for Non-Toxic Commodities
  • Blast & Exterior Painting
  • Rule 88 Upgrades and Rebuilds