ARS Railcars Leasing

ARS’s operations are supported by capital and leasing experience that makes things happen. We bring a unique combination of operating experience, financial performance, and industry knowledge to railcar leasing. We can quickly source the type of equipment required and tailor a leasing program to meet our customers specifications.

Seasoned experts provide counsel on the complex operational and management aspects of shipping by rail, recommending solutions that lead to competitive pricing and financial stability.

Determining the right lease type varies depending on each customer’s specific circumstances. Working closely with management and external counsel, ARS will determine and implement a financing structure suited to your specific needs.

 Our services include:

Full Service Operating Lease

ARS is responsible for and performs all necessary normal maintenance related to normal usage. ARS also retains responsibility for all property taxes and insurance.

Net Operating Lease

The lessee is responsible for all costs associated with the operation of the railcar, including maintenance, property taxes and insurance.

Sale Leaseback

ARS buys the railcars from a customer and then leases them back to the company, increasing cash flow and capital for other investments within the company.

Fleet Management

ARS has developed comprehensive support services that utilize real-time tracking technology to provide comprehensive unit train tracking which improves efficiency and scheduling.