About us

We operate an integrated business model in North America that combines freight car manufacturing, leasing and maintenance services. Our model is designed to provide customers freight car solutions utilizing our experienced engineering, commercial and technical capabilities.

Our philosophy

We have a ‘one for all, all for one’ mentality. We are known for our integrity, transparency and resourcefulness, with respect for everyone. We strive for excellence in all we do, especially in business relationships and competitiveness.

Customer Commitment

We adhere our operations to the highest standards of quality assurance, as we are committed to exceeding customer requirements and expectations through uninterrupted improvement of our processes, capabilities and quality assurance practices.

Our team will work to understand your business goals and support them with expertise and products and services such as equipment supply, design modifications, customized lease terms, a variety of leasing options, and flexible rates.

Corporate responsibility

We aim to deploy our resources in a way that demonstrates that Corporate Responsibility is ingrained in the company’s DNA. Our commitment to our customers, partners, employees and society demands that we conduct ourselves according to the highest standards of ethics and behavior and with careful consideration of how we impact the environment and community.

At the same time, we understand our responsibility to create sustainable value for investors. Our Corporate Responsibility to our various stakeholders helps us to meet our business and financial objective. For employees, our safety policy is driven by a zero-accident goal across the company, while a belief in teamwork and offering a rewarding career are central to the way we operate.

As an industrial company, manufacturing is the core activity of our business. That is why our team has made sustainability a factor at every stage of the production process. As environmental standards and fuel costs have increased, rail transportation has become a more important part of today’s supply chain. In fact, a gallon of diesel fuel moves one ton of freight an average of 406 miles by Rail, which is three times more fuel-efficient than trucks.